A drunk student helps her two friends satisfy themselves

Drunk student helps two friends satisfy

Ngoc Duyen is a gentle and obedient girl. When she was in the countryside, in addition to studying, she also helped her parents, but since she came to the city, she has become completely perfect. She often goes out drinking and even sleeps at people's houses. different, and then I see that you are so different from before. I'm close with two friends, and they often buy things to take home to eat and drink. Today was the same, the three of us drank from morning to afternoon, consuming nearly 2 barrels of beer. Now everyone was drunk. At this time, my friend felt excited and wanted to find someone to have sex with, but he thought of me. Seeing her lying there, he coaxed the other guy to work with her. The two guys took off all her clothes and sucked and licked her all over. At this point, I also woke up, but because I felt sorry for the two guys, I decided to help satisfy them. She opened her mouth for the tattooed guy to play with first. As soon as she inserted it and licked it, her juices flowed out, and just like that, the two guys took turns fucking her all night.

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Date: May 9, 2024