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Loan is currently a first-year student at an economics university. She is gentle and cute, so she has many boyfriends following her. Looking at the number of people who were flirting with me, there was a guy who was quite handsome and gallant, so within just a few weeks he was able to flirt with me. Every day since we fell in love, he came to take me out to play, eat and drink together. Then one weekend he took me for a walk and saw a motel nearby and pulled in. I reacted superficially and went in with him. When we got there, I told him not to touch me, so he lay on one side and watched a Vietnamese sex movie dubbed in Vietnamese. After watching it for a while, he was so horny that he couldn't take it anymore, so he pushed me down and sucked and licked me. I protested for a while and then lay down. Shut up and let me do it. After foreplay, he put his dick in my pussy and fucked me continuously. I just moaned and enjoyed the feeling of pleasure.

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Date: May 21, 2024